Choice by Japanese beauty CoCoRo PLACENTA Horse Placental Supplement - 100% pure extract
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My name is Ayako Ishii. I am the CEO of Placenta-Ya. Thank you for visiting our website. I would like to introduce you to our innovative product, CoCoRo Placenta, Horse Placenta supplement. CoCoRo is loved by women all over Japan who care about preserving their beauty.

I was first introduced to Horse Placenta when I began to take the supplement to ease my severe premenstrual disorder syndrome (PMS). My life has changed since then. Based on my own experience and the miraculous results of the supplement, I was inspired to create my own horse placenta supplement, CoCoRo Placenta. My aim is to help ease women’s distress from premenstrual disorder syndrome (PMS) and menopausal syndrome. CoCoRo Placenta helps women overcome PMS and menopausal discomfort and rejuvenates ageing cells and damaged tissues.
ayako ishiiCompletely developed and manufactured in Japan, I guarantee the efficiency of this product and recommend it to everyone.

CoCoRo Placenta enhances your health and beauty. And your smiles will enhance the earth!
Ayako Ishii  
Placenta-Ya Founder and CEO  
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CoCoRo Placenta Product Value
Placenta supplements are made from horse, pig, and sheep with a variety of extraction methods, contained amount and production regions.

Our Horse Placenta for CoCoRo Placenta is originated from thoroughbred horses raised in Hokkaido, Japan.

Made from high quality, 100% pure horse placenta powder, we only add natural ingredients such as rosehip powder and Fermented Black Garlic Powder. Our inspiration comes from the beauty of women. We believe that our product will enhance and embellish the health and beauty of women all around the world. This unique quality can only be found in Placenta-Ya products.