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Features of CoCoRo Placenta
CoCoRo Placenta for women Differences between other supplements
Combined horse placenta with beauty and health components, we support to help women become pretty and active as well as reduce  their female-specific disorders.It is crucial to choose a placenta supplement that contains the right amount of placenta and the essential ingredients for beauty and health which contribute to the effectiveness of the Horse Placenta. CoCoRo Placenta is our original formula. Each small capsule contains components that contribute in the enrichment of the lives of women. Why this combination?
Why this combination?
純度100%高濃度 馬プラセンタ
Horse placenta conditions  mind and body for womenTaking Horse Placenta treats your female-specific conditions as well as your mind and body. Placenta contains various components that are essential growth factors that help rejuvenate cells and tissues. Two components are especially important.

◆EGF and FGF
Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) are the placenta growth factors that activate degradation of extracellular matrix. Activating cells allow the production of new cells in our body.

◆Amino Acid
Horse Placenta contains 18 kinds of amino acids. Moreover, it contains nine essential amino acids that cannot be made in our body and need to be supplemented in our diet.
Horse placenta and garlic  (odorless) maintain the  active for mind and bodyThe amino acids and the various vitamins in Horse Placenta, as well as vitamin B1 in garlic, contribute to increased energy and vitality. When you restore your health, you need to charge your energy by eating and sleeping-but that is not always easy.

Horse placenta contains various amino acids such as Alanine, Glutamic acid and Asparagine acid. These various amino acids combined with vitamin B1 contained in Horse Placenta and Alliin in garlic help the body rejuvenate aging cells and reconstruct damaged tissues.

Alliin contained in garlic turns into Allysine when broken down by mincing or grating. Allysine’s function is to help the absorption of vitamin B. Once vitamin B1 is absorbed in your body, glucose is converted into energy and eventually your energy is charged. This is the reason why you wake up feeling good in the morning.
Horse Placenta and  Glisodin protect our body  from oxidization. The main reason for aging and disease is body oxidization called “rusting”. Oxygen taken into your body by breathing produces energy after it is combined with nutritive substances. However, 2% of the oxygen becomes radical oxygen and causes the body to oxidize. Our body originally holds antioxidant enzymes that suppress radical oxygen, but as we age and reach the age of 30, those enzymes start to diminish. It is therefore necessary to use substances that supplement the loss of antioxidants. So here you have horse placental extract and grape seed extract! Grape seed polyphenols contain a high concentration of proanthocyanidin which are 5 times more potent in antioxidant properties than Vitamin E. Those two ingredients prevent your body from rusting, keep you young and support your energetic life!
Horse Placenta and Rose  Hip make your skin firm, elastic and white. Rich amino acids from Horse Placenta and Rosehips along with vitamin C are the best collagen producing ingredients.

Dermal Collagen supplemented by vitamin C combined with amino acids contributes to a firm and elastic skin. Collagen deficiency due to the depletion of vitamin C causes the process of aging. Vitamin C is effective in reducing the effects of aging, producing melanin pigment, and keeping the body from oxidizing. Vitamin C also plays a role in retaining skin moisture and maintaining a clear, white, skin.

Rosehips are rich in calcium and ideal for women with iron deficiency.

While Vitamin C is heat-sensitive, the vitamin C in Rosehips is protected by Vitamin P which makes it heat resistant.

※ Since the molar weight in collagen is high, collagen is not absorbed by applying it directly to your skin. Ingested with food, collagen is broken down in the digestive system without turning into dermal collagen.
This is why we recommend this combination of components.Here is the reason to be chosen!もちろん安心安全
■CoCoRo PLACENTA Trial \2,808 JPY

■CoCoRo PLACENTA 1box \9,050 JPY

■CoCoRo PLACENTA 2box \17,550 JPY

■CoCoRo PLACENTA 3box \25,790 JPY

■CoCoRo PLACENTA 5box \41,634 JPY
Product Name CoCoRo Placenta
Contents 30 capsules 380 mg (150mg placenta extract per capsule)

Each capsule contains 150mg of Horse Placenta extract. 100% highly concentrated extract with no dilution.
Components Placental Powder (Horse), Fermented Black Garlic Powder, Rosehip Powder, Grape Seed Extract Powder, Beer Yeast / Pullulan, Calcium Stearate, Sugar Cane Food Colors.
Capsule Gelatin
Nutrient Components per capsule Energy 1.76kcal, Carbohydrate 0.22g, Protein 0.18g, Lipids 0.02g, Sodium 0.002g
Directions For maximum results, take up to 2 capsules at bedtime with water or warm water.
Method of Preservation Store at room temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight and hot or humid conditions. We recommend the use of the product immediately the sealed package is opened.