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placenta history
Historical Facts about Placenta Extract
Throughout history, famous women such as Cleopatra Queen of Egypt (69 B.C. to 30 B.C.), Marie Antoinette Queen of France (1755-1793), and Princess Yang Kuei-fei (719- 56), the notorious beauty of China, have all been said to have used placenta products for the enhancement of their beauty and for its anti-aging properties.

Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, was also a firm believer in the power of placenta extract and used it for its therapeutic components. Placenta extract was also used in medicine for treating cerebral infarction and infertility.
Placenta Extract in Chinese Medicine
In classical Chinese medicine, placenta medicine is called Zi He Che and it has been used for its remedial benefits for thousands of years. Zi means “emperor”, He Che means “the northern vital spirit”. Zi He Che expresses the word “spirit”. In the era of the first Qin Emperor (259-210), placenta extract was used as a medicine for perpetual youth and longevity.

Placenta extract has also been used as anti-aesthetic drug to treat the symptoms of depression, fatigue, prostration, Kikyo, Kekkyo , and asthma as well as infertility, and epilepsy. Kikyo is the Chinese term for “the depletion of energy” and Kekkyo means the “depletion of blood”.

During the Edo period in Japan, the domain of Kaga (currently Ishikawa Prefecture) recognized the medicine Kongentan, which contained Zi He Che, as one of the three secret medicines. Zi He Che is still used in Chinese medicine as the remedy for weak constitution, the depletion of energy and blood, and impotence. It is also an effective cure for the strengthening of the immune system. Chronic diseases such as autonomic imbalance, anemia and allergy symptoms also can be effectively treated by using the placenta extract for a long period of time.
Placenta Extract Today
Due to research, distinctive applications and the unique Japanese technology of extracting active ingredients from placenta, the placenta extract is attracting much attention from the medical, health food, and cosmetics industries. The placenta medications, Laennec and Melsmon, are recognized in Japan and approved by the ministries of Health, Labor and Welfare. Placenta medicines are also covered by health insurances.