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What is Placenta?
Placenta takes a crucial role during pregnancy to support the normal growth and development of the fetus.
Function of The Human Placenta
  • Provides oxygen and nutrients in the maternal blood as the lungs.
  • Detoxifies foreign substances and catabolizes as the liver.
  • Removes waste products and transfers them to the maternal blood as the kidney.
  • Releases hormones as hypophysis and the ovaries.
Placenta is the crucial organ in connecting a mother to her fetus. It maintains normal pregnancy and fetal development. Placenta is the source of life.

Placenta Extract
Placenta extract contains nutrients such as amino acids, peptides, nucleic acids, vitamins and minerals. The growth factor that interacts with cells and becomes the essence of energy is also extracted.

The growth factor is the element that activates the cell division. Exciting the cell activates the body metabolism. By taking placenta extract, you will experience the effects of health and beauty since the growth factor interacts with the aging cells to produce new cells continuously.

Other Placenta products
The high efficiency of placenta extract is used in various forms. In Japan, only medical doctors can administer placenta injections to patients. Placenta oral medicine is available at drug stores. Recently there has been a surge of placenta extract in health foods and cosmetics.

Main Placenta Nutrients
Amino Acids Vital in the overall human growth hormone process
Lipids The human body’s reserve supply of energy
Protein The building blocks of human body
Vitamins Necessary for normal human growth and development
Mucoperiosteum Sustain healthy skin and water retention
Carbohydrate Essential source of energy for human body
Active Peptides Assist digestion and absorption of proteins
Nucleic Acids Maintain normal cell division and metabolism